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Sterling Marketing is a web design company that serves all of Northwest Arkansas including Fayetteville, Bentonville, Rogers, Bella Vista and beyond. When you work with us, your online presence will feature all the tools you need for success…

Every website we create includes…

 Competitor Research
We take the time to get to know the value behind your services and what makes your business competitive. From there our collaborative effort will make your new website more engaging, memorable and compelling than the websites of your competition.

 100% Original Design
When designing your website we start with a blank canvas. This is the most effective way of capturing the essence of your brand. Your website design will be completely exclusive to your company and far more memorable than those of your competitors.

 Content Writing
The content on your website must guide visitors with ease through the important information they need to know, and subsequently convince them to take an action (ie: contact you, purchase an item, etc). We help you clear a path for your visitors and showcase important content at the right moments.

 Social Media Integration
Connect your website to your social networks with links and feeds

 Search Engine Optimization
Each website includes keyword rich content that we write, meta-tags, Google Analytics Installation, Google Console Setup, XML sitemap submission to Google, and Google Plus/Google Places for Business setup. We also offer more advanced SEO services for reasonable prices.

 Website Traffic Reporting
Find out how many people visit your site everyday, which pages they viewed and for how long, where they are located, how they found you and much more! Google’s awesome webmaster tools and analytics programs will allow you to see which ads are paying off, so you can adjust your advertising campaigns accordingly.

 Content Management System
Take control of your website once it’s published. With your CMS you’ll be able to easily add and and edit pages, image galleries and more.

 Mobile Friendly Design
All our websites are designed to be mobile friendly and responsive, so visitors will be able to browse your website easily, no matter what device they are using.

 Unlimited Revisions
During the entire project you are able to see live progress as the site gets created. As the site gets developed, you can request as many changes as needed to make sure the site lives up to your expectations.

 Satisfaction Guarantee
The final balance isn’t due until you approve everything. The quality of the site you envision is the quality of the site you will receive. This official guarantee is in every contract.


Potential customers are coming to your website looking for a reason to hire you.

The written content on your website is one of the most important ways you can stand out from your competition and be seen in the search results.

As a small business, we understand how fierce the competition can be.  It is extremely important to differentiate yourself from your competitors.  If you don’t know why a customer should choose you over your competition, neither will your visitors – and you’ll lose their business. Getting a website online with poorly written content is really doing your business a disservice.

Over the years we’ve noticed that many of our clients offer a valuable service, but they don’t know how to make themselves stand out from their competition.  This is why we include content writing with every website. We learn about your business, your process and your competition to discover what makes your products and services valuable. From there we create content that presents this information in an engaging way and inspires visitors to take action!

Along with enticing marketing text, the content we write for your website will be optimized for the search engines. Adding key words and phrases throughout your website in a subtle manner is an essential part of an effective SEO strategy. Shouldn’t it be a web designer’s job to make sure these keywords are included in the best places throughout your website? We think so – and we do it for every website we create.


The more relevant, keyword-rich content you have on your website, the more it will appear in the search results. As your web designer, we write the keyword-rich content for you, making the entire web development process that much easier for you.

We set up a Google Web Master Tools account for your website and get it verified by Google. We submit an XML sitemap of your website to help Google index your pages. We also submit each and every link on your website to Google. The more pages Google indexes, the more opportunities your site has to show up for your desired keywords.

We also set up and install Google Analytics. This is a valuable tool that provides insight into how often visitors come to your site and what they do once they arrive.

We set up SEO meta tags including title tags, meta descriptions and keywords. The title tags and the meta descriptions are the text that show up when you see search results. It is important that these tags include keywords accurately representing the content on each of your pages.

We also offer more advanced SEO services for reasonable prices.  Custom SEO strategies are determined after a website is published and indexed by the search engines.


Integrating your social networks with your website is crucial now more than ever.  We encourage our clients to set-up and utilize Facebook and Instagram.  These networks provide additional avenues for customers to find you, so why not feature an Instagram and Facebook feed on your website? Along with linking up your website to your accounts, we can create custom Facebook pages with special features, promotional graphics for social media campaigns, manage contests and offer suggestions for regular content postings.


Although we do not offer stand-alone photography services, we can provide effective & affordable photography with a high quality camera to enhance your website design. If you are in need of employee headshots, product shots, interior/exterior shots or drone footage for your website, we are happy to help! Photography is shot with a Nikon D3400 camera, and the photos are professionally edited using Photoshop.


We want to earn your business and become your go-to-team for all of your future marketing needs. After your website is launched, we are here to help you with future projects, such as website updates, branding materials and marketing campaigns. If you have urgent issues with your website, such as hacking or downtime, we provide prompt fixes to get you back up and running.

If you are looking for a team that can handle regular website updates, monthly SEO improvements or frequent graphics for social media, we can help! We can customize a retainer plan (without a long term contract) that’s affordable and makes sense for your ongoing needs.